5 Ways to Make The Most of Summer

The cool air is creeping in, and while summer is coming to a close (there’s no doubt about it) there are some little things you can do to squeeze every ounce of fun out it! I don’t want to get pessimistic on you, but whether we like it or not the seasons are trudging onward, and soon the leaves will be changing and we’ll be downing our pumpkin spice lattes like they are going out of style.

While fall is my favorite time for dressing (hello layers and leather jackets) I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet. And I say it’s not over until it’s over, so I’ve compiled some ways you too can hang onto summer.

Get Outside

This weather is arguably the most tolerable of the whole year! Use it to your advantage, and stroll the city, the boardwalk, go for a hike, enjoy a meal or two outdoors while you still can.

Play In the Water

While the air is cool but the water right now is actually the warmest it will be all season! Go ahead dive in. Just make sure to pack some warm blankets to curl up in after (better yet some hot tea). You’ll only really be cold once you get out.

Map Out Your Weekends

Whether you’re back to work, or back to school your vacation time is pretty much MAXED. You’re going to want to plan those weekends wisely before everyone gets lost in the shuffle of the 9-5 work flow again. Grab your planner and start to plan some weekend adventures, day trips, road trips you name it. Forget Netflix for a while it’ll still be there when you get back.

Whip Up A Summer Cocktail

Nothing says summer quite like a refreshing cocktail! Go ahead spritz up your favorite bevy with as much fruit and citrus you can muster. Let’s be honest they are the most fresh and delicious this time of year anyways.

Organize Anything

September is like New Years for me. I’m always SO motivated to get things in order and start anew. On the off chance that it’s rainy or yucky outside use the time to clean, organize, and get your house in order.

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