Sulwhasoo Bloomstay Vitalizing Cream Review

The brand has become one of Korea’s top skin care series and exudes high quality. Today I will introduce Sulwhasoo Bloomstay Vitalizing Cream.

This is a white/pink cream that is very easy to apply. Compared with other products, this product only needs a little bit. It is good to leave a layer of water on the skin immediately after application. It claims that it can promote smooth and elastic skin, and I believe it does.

On the packaging, the rose gold bottle cap and soft pink/white packaging remind me of spring, just like I am walking under the cherry tree. Secondly, the smell is sacred. I also like that it tells you to drop a few drops of the product and inhale the scent deeply before applying the product, thus linking with the whole body health that the brand is known for. Plum is the main scent you will smell, although it is accompanied by a light floral fragrance. The overall smell is very mild and elegant, I just like it!

Bloomstay Vitalizing Cream contains the antioxidant power of plum blossoms. Together with the buds and seeds of five different fruits, grapefruit oranges, and three citrus leaves, it protects and protects the skin from external irritation and early signs of aging. Recently, I have been using gel moisturizer because it is summer, but this product works well and it is still light enough to keep me from getting oily.

All in all, I like this cream very much!


$155.00 1.7oz./50mL


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