Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask review

The idea of using herbs is to solve the problem fundamentally, rather than using skin care products to solve the problem. This is the huge difference I have observed between Korean and American skin care products. This article is still to introduce a mask for everyone.

This is a peel-off mask that removes impurities and dead skin cells. Basically, a gentler physical exfoliant.

It has this sticky, honey-like consistency, the mask is amber and has a rather unique herbal fragrance. In terms of consistency, it is runny. Although it is very sticky, it may drip out of the tube if you are not careful.


I find that using it quickly helps to get an even surface, which helps it dry evenly and peel off better. Because it feels very gentle. Even with alcohol, I did not feel uncomfortable during the whole process.

Quite amazingly, I didn’t even feel any dryness! My skin is visibly softer and looks like this matte and fuzzy appearance. My face is clean, clear, smooth and bright after use. All the small bumps on the sides of my nose and elsewhere have also disappeared!

I like Sulwhasoo Purifying Mask. I have repurchased it many times and it is one of the only things that stays the same in my skincare regimen, it’s definitely worth it!





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