Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Invigorating Review

Sulwhasoo focuses on the use of Korean herbal medicines, Korean traditional medicines and local Korean ingredients. Today’s introduction is Timetreasure Invigorating.

The Timetreasure series is one of their most expensive series~ This is for a reason. It is an anti-aging series like the concentrated ginseng series, but over time, it has the additional benefits of brightening, firming and improving skin texture.

A luxurious anti-aging serum, formulated with concentrated red pine and wild ginseng, helps to infuse the skin with antioxidant-rich energy.

Its main ingredients are red pine and precious wild simulated ginseng extract. This energy-filled essence can tighten, nourish and moisturize. A barrier-enhancing complex containing concentrated rare DAA extracted from Korean pine.

The packaging is a beautiful red bronze glass bottle with a bronze red cap and a red bronze mirror top. I know some people describe it as rose gold, but I think it is richer and deeper than rose gold ~ bronze. It has a pinhole applicator.

It has a slight herbal floral fragrance, it doesn’t matter~ I hope it is pine or ginseng, but it will disappear soon. Its pH is 4, so it is slightly acidic, but not irritating at all.

This toner makes my skin radiant and hydrated. I highly recommend it!




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